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Juicies – a healthier fundraiser

Original Juicies are a well known, popular product that kids love. Made from real fruit and 100% natural, they're also healthier than many other fundraising options on offer such as lollies, cookies or chocolate. A Juicies fundraiser is easy to organise and run and offers good profit margins.

We offer two simple options

Selling Juicies at Events

Selling Juicies at a summer event is a great way to raise money. Events that attract a lot of children and families are perfect - school galas, fairs, sports days, festivals, beach days, sausage sizzles or A&P shows. You can purchase an Event Pack of 160 Original Juicies for $84+GST and on-sell the individual Juicies for $1 each.  You'll make over $60 on every pack. If you buy two or more Event Packs, you'll also receive a free promotional gift which is great as a silent auction prize or giveaway.  

Read more about how to run a successful Juicies event fundraiser here.

Event packs are not just useful for fundraising - they're also a great and cost effective sweet treat option for children at events such as school camps, weddings, Christmas parties, picnics and BBQs.

Pre-sales of Juicies Fundraiser 10 Packs

This type of fundraising is best suited to large groups with lots of members such as schools, kindergartens, churches, sports clubs and charities.  With this method, the organiser first downloads a Juicies Fundraiser Sellers Pack and the group takes orders from friends and family and collects the money. Once all the money is in, the organiser places the order and the packs are delivered. This method has the advantage of not requiring any money to be paid upfront and no danger of being left with unsold goods.

The Juicies Fundraiser 10-packs each contain a mixture of three popular flavours and a Juicies holder. The group can make $2 on every pack sold (based on buying for $5+GST and selling for RRP of $7.75). These packs contain a different mix of flavours to the 10-packs available in supermarket as well as a Juicies holder which provides added value. These are not available elsewhere.  

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